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Anonymous: Good, how about I bring you up to bed? *i chuckle a little when I see your eyes flutter again from sleep so I hold out my arms, tucking one under your legs and the other under your shoulders. I smile as I carry you upstairs and to our room, placing you gently on the bed*-N

*I smile at you* thank you, you are a very good husband *I lean up and peck your lips. I then move the covers and get under them, making myself comfy* now, please come cuddle - B

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Steal My Girl - 3 Days To Go

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Steal My Girl - 4 Days To Go

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sweetie49-1d: Hey Holly!! Please will you put up all the Steal My Girl (... days to go) videos like you did for 5 days to go, and the acoustic Steal My Girl. Vevo and Youtube won't let me watch them or download them or anything... :( Hope you are doing well.... Started exams yesterday (1 down 6 to go). Hopefully I pass all of them, then I can start honours next year :D xoxo ~ SA Directioner

Hey beautiful. It’s so nice to hear from you. Oh, of course, let me go find both the 4 days to go (Zayn’s video from yesterday) and 3 days to go (Harry’s video from today). We can’t watch them here in Australia either, so we’re lucky that someone put them on Tumblr :)

I’m good; busy working like usual. Good luck with your exams. You are smart, and will do amazingly :) Stay tuned - Bianca and I have some things planned for Halloween (preferences and things) - xxx Holly

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Here we have

Harry and his boots.

Niall and his Nike’s.

Louis and his fancy vintage shoes.

Zayn and his bullers.

Liam and his fancy man shoes.

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Niall Horan’s shoes

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Anonymous: Mhm, got them all settled. Is our little guy asleep already? *my thumb rubs at your arm as I speak softly* -N

*I nod* yeah he is, I put him down a little while ago *I smile at you* - B

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Anonymous: *i come home and call out for you as I walk in* Honey?...Sweetheart?...*i come around the corner and see you on the couch, and I smile as I walk over. I bend down so I'm level with you and I run a hand over your hair, pressing a kiss to your forehead* wake up darlin'...-N

*My eyes flutter open and I smile when I see you* Hey Ni, you are back *I say tiredly* - B

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Anonymous: *when they come through I smile and help them with their bags as we walk to the car. I take them to where they're staying while talking and catching up the whole time. After they've settled in I say goodbye and say we will come get them tomorrow*-N

*The last thing I remember was looking at the time and it say 9:00 then sitting on the couch. Now I am sleeping, curled up with a blanket on the couch* - B

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